Heritage Wall Beds by Wood Effects

Homesteader Wall Bed

The Homesteader Wallbed

Wall bed construction and materials…

Finishing process

  1. Raw wood is sanded to 180 grit, first by machine, followed by a thorough hand sanding.
  2. Stain conditioner is applied if required to prevent uneven absorption of stain by wood, eliminating blotches
  3. Stain is applied
  4. Sanding sealer is sprayed on using environmentally friendly HVLP spray equipment
  5. Sealer is sanded with 220 grit paper
  6. The first finish coat is sprayed on all surfaces
  7. Every part is re-sanded
  8. Final coat of lacquer is sprayed.

Edge treatment

Exposed edges of panel materials always need to be covered. I use a 18" solid wood edge, which is glued and clamped in place ensuring a long-lasting, high quality bond.


My beds are made of solid wood, except for the cabinet, where it is not prudent due to natural movement of the wood. For the cabinet I use veneered particle board. I prefer it over plywood, which I find inconsistent in width and produces a poor finish. I always use a combination of the best materials — both man made and natural blended — according to the needs of the product, both esthetically and structurally.